Creative THX Setup Console

Creative THX Setup Console

With THX Setup Console, you can precise control and calibration of your speakers
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With a "THX® Certified" logo, it means that a product's audio quality and clarity meets the stringent requirements put forward by THX® to ensure an unsurpassed audio experience. On that same note, Sound Blaster X-Fi is fully THX Certified, which means that you can be rest assured that the special effects and incredible audio intended by game developers, film producers and musicians are reproduced accurately on your Sound Blaster X-Fi equipped PC!

Bundled with all Creative THX Certified sound cards is the THX Setup Console. With it, you can have precise control and calibration of your speakers, ensuring that you'll be in the audio sweet spot in any speaker layout and configuration.

The THX Setup Console has three modes of operation: Speaker Selection, Calibration and Bass Management.

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